Kettlebell Deep 6 – Can You Finish This Kettlebell Challenge?

Introducing the newest Conviction Kettlebell Club Challenge – Deep 6. This challenge consists of the six key kettlebell movements: the swing, snatch, clean, press, front squat, and get-up. To achieve this challenge the participant must complete the following for five rounds on each side with no rest: 5 one-arm swings 5 snatches 5 clean and […]

Do Your Knees Hurt When Doing Turkish Get-ups? Try These Instead

Do your knees hurt when doing Turkish Get-ups? There may be a simple fix… Try these Rolling 45’s instead. While not a perfect substitute for the Get-up, Rolling 45’s still provide a ton of benefit. And they’re much better than skipping the movement all together!

Improve Your Get-ups With This Quick Fix

The get-up is the most technical lift in the kettlebell world. Which is why it’s so important to start it off right. Too often we see people doing their get-ups without a “packed” shoulder – that is, their shoulder is not packed down in the socket. Without that packed shoulder, we can’t fully engage our […]

The Turkish Get-up Isn’t What You Think It Is

The get-up is a fantastic exercise, but it isn’t what you think it is. Get-ups aren’t just about standing up with a heavy kettlebell over your head. Get-ups are about full-body control. Get-ups are about slow, deliberate movement. Get-ups aren’t supposed to be “done” so much as they are to be “performed”, as the get-up […]

How to Stay Safe During the Most Dangerous Part of the Get-up

I know this is going to sound stupid, but *assuming your technique is solid* the riskiest part of the get-up is bringing the weight back down and switching sides. Thankfully there are very simple ways to avoid a silly injury here. 1) Use both hands to bring the kettlebell down to your chest, then roll […]

Don’t Destroy Your Wrists. Do This Instead. (How to keep your wrist from bending with kettlebells)

There’s no crying in baseball. And, as Pavel put it, there are no wrists in kettlebells. Never should your wrist bend with a kettlebell in your hand. It’s too hard on your wrist, plus, you lose power. A double whammy! Grab the kettlebell a little differently and stay strong and safe.