Kettlebell Deep 6 – Can You Finish This Kettlebell Challenge?

Introducing the newest Conviction Kettlebell Club Challenge – Deep 6. This challenge consists of the six key kettlebell movements: the swing, snatch, clean, press, front squat, and get-up. To achieve this challenge the participant must complete the following for five rounds on each side with no rest: 5 one-arm swings 5 snatches 5 clean and […]

Keep Your Forearms Fresh and Loose With These Mobility Methods

If you train with kettlebells long enough, you’re eventually going to get tight forearms. It’s all part of the fun. Luckily, there are a number of things we can do to prevent our forearms from getting overly stiff and tight and causing issues. Wrist, elbow, shoulder, and even neck issues can all arise from not […]

Improve Your Kettlebell Swings, Snatches, and Cleans With This Simple Drill

The kettlebell swing, snatch, and clean are all variations of the “hip hinge”. When we hinge, our hips bend maximally with a minimal bend of the knees and ankles. A hinge is a “back and forward” movement as opposed to the “up and down” of the squat. This simple drill is one of the best […]

The Kettlebell Arm Bar: The Best Chest, Shoulder, and Lat Stretch You’re Not Doing

A common issue when training with kettlebells, especially when doing a lot of kettlebell snatches, is that our thoracic spine, or upper back, can get very tight. We can lose a lot of mobility here and it can result in lower performance or even injury. Rather than letting that happen, try incorporating the RKC Arm […]

How To Make Sure Your Feet Stay Planted When Swinging a Kettlebell, and Why That’s So Important

A common issue with the Kettlebell Ballistics is that our feet start dancing around. Our heals may lift up. Our toes may come off the floor. We don’t want this. Not only is it dangerous, but we lose a lot of strength and power this way, too. To make sure this doesn’t happen, do the […]

The Simple Exercise That Can Help You Crush the 5 Minute Snatch Test

I’ve worked really hard to get pretty good at the five minute snatch test over the past few years. I’ve competed in the Tactical Strength Challenge three times, and have been in the top 5 for snatches each time. I was also able to nail my 5:00 snatch test at the RKC in four minutes. […]

How to Stop Banging Your Forearm With the Kettlebell Snatch

The kettlebell snatch is an incredible movement, but there’s a bit of a learning curve. We can’t think of the snatch simply as an extended swing. We need to understand it is a different exercise altogether. To stop banging or bruising our forearm when doing kettlebell snatches, we need to remember a few things: Keep […]