Don’t Destroy Your Wrists. Do This Instead. (How to keep your wrist from bending with kettlebells)

There’s no crying in baseball. And, as Pavel put it, there are no wrists in kettlebells. Never should your wrist bend with a kettlebell in your hand. It’s too hard on your wrist, plus, you lose power. A double whammy! Grab the kettlebell a little differently and stay strong and safe.

How To Make Sure Your Feet Stay Planted When Swinging a Kettlebell, and Why That’s So Important

A common issue with the Kettlebell Ballistics is that our feet start dancing around. Our heals may lift up. Our toes may come off the floor. We don’t want this. Not only is it dangerous, but we lose a lot of strength and power this way, too. To make sure this doesn’t happen, do the […]

The Simple Exercise That Can Help You Crush the 5 Minute Snatch Test

I’ve worked really hard to get pretty good at the five minute snatch test over the past few years. I’ve competed in the Tactical Strength Challenge three times, and have been in the top 5 for snatches each time. I was also able to nail my 5:00 snatch test at the RKC in four minutes. […]

The Best Kettlebell Ab Exercise You Aren’t Doing

The Suitcase Carry is one of the absolute best ways to strengthen your ab wall. But, you need to do them properly. If you’re walking bent over to one side, you’re missing out. Fix your form – walk straight and tall, and you’ll get the most out of this fantastic exercise. Strong back, strong grip, […]

How to Stop Banging Your Forearm With the Kettlebell Snatch

The kettlebell snatch is an incredible movement, but there’s a bit of a learning curve. We can’t think of the snatch simply as an extended swing. We need to understand it is a different exercise altogether. To stop banging or bruising our forearm when doing kettlebell snatches, we need to remember a few things: Keep […]