Protect the Primary: Part 2

In Protect the Primary: Part 1, I discussed my main goal through the Covid-19 crisis. Right now, keeping my kids happy, healthy, growing, and engaged is priority number one. Using David Goggin’s definition from “Living With a SEAL“, my kids are my “primary”. And I’m going to protect them through this situation. The thing is, […]

Protect the Primary: Part 1

One of my favorite books is Jesse Itzler’s “Living With a SEAL“. It’s hilarious, motivating, and full of memorable stories and lessons. I’ve lost track of how many times I’ve read it. There’s a part in the book where SEAL (a.k.a. David Goggins), gifts Jesse and his family a fifty-pound backpack that turns into an […]

It’s Never Been About the ‘Perfect Workout’ – It’s About Showing Up

We got a new puppy last weekend. She’s seven weeks old, loud, and full of energy. And she’s pooping all over my house. I’m also taking an intensive writing course, enrolled in Seth Godin’s Podcast Fellowship program, coaching two kids programs through our community association, and trying to operate our business while being present for […]

The Most Important Workout is Tomorrow’s

My bench press just kept going up. My twenty-year-old shoulders were a wreck. But my bench press was in the 300’s, so I stuck with it. The formula was simple: Head to the gym. Hit ten heavy sets of three on the bench Superset with one-arm dumbbell rows Do some accessory work Get out Two […]

Do You Want to Be Challenged, or Do You Want to Succeed? Why Consistency Will Always Trump Intensity.

I started training people online about four years ago. Our Spartan Race training group was having great results and I was getting inquiries in regards to distance coaching. I had no idea what I was getting myself into, but figured I’d try to help. After my first few clients saw great progress, I decided this […]