Predator: A 6-Week Program For Obstacle Course Racers Looking To Torch Fat, Increase Endurance, and Become Strong Enough To Take On Any Obstacle

Get Jacked and Win Races with the #1 Bestseller, Predator!

The 6-Week training program contained in this book is your answer.

In Predator, you will learn:

– Why typical bodybuilding programs are terrible ways to train
– How to effectively torch fat and gain functional muscle mass
– Why squatting and deadlifting is better than running hills
– How to increase your endurance using nothing but a kettlebell
– Why running a lot of long, slow distance isn’t the answer
– How to train for your next Obstacle Course Race in the gym without running

Despite what most fitness authors will tell you, it is possible to compete at a high level in obstacle course racing without looking like a toothpick.

Run, Lift, Carry, Climb: 12 Obstacle Course Racing Workouts That Took Us to the World Championships

Become a faster, more confident obstacle course racer!

In 2016, over 70% of all our athletes qualified for the OCR World Championships, while 80% of our Elite Spartan Racers competed in the Spartan Race World Championships. Two of our Competitive Division Spartan Race athletes finished ranked 3rd and 10th overall in all of Canada. This book contains the exact workouts that helped us get there.

I Am An Athlete. This is My Story: An 8-Week Journal For Writing Your Story

I Am An Athlete is a story unlike any other – because it’s YOUR story!

I Am An Athlete is a journal for tracking the eight weeks leading up to your next major event. A big race, your first 5k or ultramarathon, or maybe even a world championships! Along with a motivational quote for each week to keep you focussed, this journal provides you with one page per day to track your workouts, thoughts, feelings, and emotions as you train for your major event.

Ultimate Obstacle Racing Metcons: 23 Obstacle Course Racing Workouts for Improving Metabolic Conditioning and Grit

Take your training to the next level, and become the best Obstacle Course Racer you can be!

Ultimate OCR Metcons is a simple book. It’s nothing more than 23 of the most fun, challenging, and effective 5 – 30-minute workouts we know.

Our obstacle course racers have reached the podium at dozens of major OCR races. Our team, #TrainWithConviction, has been the fastest team at countless Spartan Races. And we’ve had several top-ten finishes at the OCR World Championships.

None of us are elite athletes. We all started as middle of the pack open heat racers. But with a lot of hard work and intelligent training, we’ve become a team to be reckoned with.

Much of the success our obstacle race athletes have seen is due to the workouts in this book.

Our athletes are busy. We work full-time jobs. We volunteer in our communities. We have kids and pets that demand much of our time. We don’t have hours upon hours to train, but we still want to be as good as we can be.

That’s where these short, five to thirty-minute workouts can really help out!

And to help you stay motivated, we’ve added a little something special…

Many of the workouts in Ultimate OCR Metcons are “scoreable”. You can keep track of the number of rounds you complete, or how long it takes you to finish a workout.

Not only will keeping track of your results allow you to see your progress, but with our Online Leaderboard, you’ll also be able to compare your scores to those of other OCR athletes around the globe!

Think you can finish “The Longest Mile” faster than anyone else? Don’t think anyone can top your “Got Grip?” score? Now you can prove it!

Become a better obstacle course racer, have a ton of fun, and compete with other OCR athletes worldwide!

Pick up your copy of Ultimate OCR Metcons today!