This Simple One Kettlebell Workout Will Work Your Abs and Grip While Improving Your Posture and Work Capacity

The “Cook Drill” was created by world-famous physical therapist Gray Cook. It’s a simple workout that combines the three main kettlebell loaded carries – Waiter Walk, Rack Walk, and Suitcase Carry.

All you need to do this workout is one kettlebell and some space to walk.

Start out with the Waiter Walk and continue to walk as long as you can, right up to the point just before you lose your full body integrity, then drop the bell to the Rack Walk position.

From there, walk until just before you start to lose that position, then drop the bell one more time to the suitcase position.

Carry it here until you’re about to lose integrity in the Suitcase Carry, at which point you simply switch sides and repeat.

This workout can be done with a medium-sized bell for 10, 15, even 20 minutes of continuous movement.

Throw this workout in on off days, days where you’re not up for an intense training session, or as a finisher on any other day. Your grip, abs, and posture will thank you.