How to Get The Most Out of Your Kettlebell Swings (Even if You’re Stuck With a Light Bell)

What size kettlebell should I do my swings with? This is a common question and can be difficult to answer.

You see, before we can answer this properly, we need to make sure you’re swinging properly!

If you’re doing “pendulum swings” with no power or explosiveness, we need to fix that first.

Truth be told, you really don’t need to swing a super heavy kettlebell. The kettlebell swing – the “Fat burning athlete builder” as dubbed by Dan John – is about speed, not size.

When choosing a kettlebell for swings, rather than thinking, “How heavy can I swing?”, think, “If I had to throw a kettlebell as far away as possible, which one would I choose?”. That’s the one to swing with.

Swing hard and explosively and you’ll get all the benefits of this incredible exercise!