60 Minute Ruck and Run Aerobic Workout – Ruck/Run/Ruck 20’s

Benji and I headed out for an hour of fun as the sun came up this morning. Another busy Saturday full of sports meant we had to get it in early, or not at all.

This was a fun session that left both of us wanting more – which is exactly what a workout should do.

The workout is simple:

  • Ruck for twenty minutes
  • Run a short 5-10s Hill Sprint every minute on the minute for twenty minutes
  • Ruck the twenty minutes back to your starting point

Even though you’re sprinting, the bursts are short enough that your heart rate should not exceed your aerobic threshold. If it does, it should come right back down. And if this is the case, just keep your sprint a bit shorter next time.

You should be able to speak comfortably the entire time, never losing your breath.

You can progress this workout by adding weight to your ruck, rucking faster, or even wearing the ruck during the sprints… Just be smart about that last one.

If you’re going to wear your ruck for hill sprints, add it in slowly.

For example, wear your ruck only for your final sprint one week, then your final two sprints the next week, and so on.

This is a great family-friendly workout that can be done alongside kids (bring the sleds!) and/or dogs.

Getting fit while spending time with your loved ones is a pretty solid way to spend an hour đŸ˜‰