Improve Your Kettlebell Swings, Snatches, and Cleans With This Simple Drill

The kettlebell swing, snatch, and clean are all variations of the “hip hinge”. When we hinge, our hips bend maximally with a minimal bend of the knees and ankles. A hinge is a “back and forward” movement as opposed to the “up and down” of the squat. This simple drill is one of the best […]

The Kettlebell Arm Bar: The Best Chest, Shoulder, and Lat Stretch You’re Not Doing

A common issue when training with kettlebells, especially when doing a lot of kettlebell snatches, is that our thoracic spine, or upper back, can get very tight. We can lose a lot of mobility here and it can result in lower performance or even injury. Rather than letting that happen, try incorporating the RKC Arm […]

Two Ways to Improve Your Kettlebell Press, So You Can Lift a Heavier Weight Overhead

Lifting a heavy weight overhead may be the most exciting and satisfying thing we can do in the gym. There’s no feeling quite like that of having heaved a huge chunk of iron up above your head, but it takes a lot of work and dedication. Here are two quick tips to help you press […]

The Three Most Common Mistakes Made When Using Kettlebells

Kettlebells can do a lot of great things. They can make you bigger, stronger, faster, more mobile, and can improve your conditioning and endurance. BUT… you need to use them appropriately to get the most out of them. The three biggest issues I see that hold people back from reaching their goals with kettlebells are […]

How to Stay Safe During the Most Dangerous Part of the Get-up

I know this is going to sound stupid, but *assuming your technique is solid* the riskiest part of the get-up is bringing the weight back down and switching sides. Thankfully there are very simple ways to avoid a silly injury here. 1) Use both hands to bring the kettlebell down to your chest, then roll […]

How to Prevent Banging the Kettlebell on Your Biceps and Shoulders

Stopping the kettlebell from banging into your shoulder or upper arm during the kettlebell clean can be simple. Typically this banging happens when we let our upper arm travel too far away from our ribs. The kettlebell travels along this big arc, then comes crashing down into our arm. Tighten this up and your banging […]

Fix This Common Mistake and Get the Most Out of Your Squats

The squat – be it a Goblet or Double Kettlebell Front Squat – is a “grind”. This means the movement is to be done under complete tension and control. Too often we see people “falling” into the bottom of their squat and then bouncing back up. For a number of reasons, this is far from […]

Fix Your Kettlebell Rack Position to Press Heavier Weights

The rack position is one of the most important positions in the kettlebell world. Not only do we finish our cleans in the rack position, but we also press and front squat from here as well. It’s important we learn to do it properly. The most common issue with the rack is that we clean […]

The Five Minute Mini-Workout I’ve Done Before Each Meal Today

Saturdays are busy. Trying to find time for a full training session is challenging. Instead, I often do these short “mini-workouts” before each meal. They’re short and sweet, and a great way to sneak some extra volume in. Today, I’ve done the following before breakfast, lunch, and supper: 10 meter Cross Walk (Waiter Walk/Rack Walk) […]